My Balticon Schedule

My Balticon Schedule (major stuff for me first):
Saturday 4:15 to 5:45PM Book launch party for American Craftsmen
Sunday 11AM. Appearance on the Dangerous Voices show (it’s kind of like Wait Wait Don’t Tell me for SF/F).
Sunday 7PM. I’m one of three readings.
Saturday 2PM signing with Lawrence Schoen and Hugh O’Donnell
Fri, 4PM. Beyond Medieval History
Sat. 8AM (gulp!): Military Fantasy
Sat. 12noon: Writing Sequels, Prequels, and Spin offs
Sun. 1PM: The World Is Large and Strange
Sun. 3PM-6PM–I’m part of a sort of OZ mini-con. I’ll be on the Oz panel at 3, then watching the early silent Oz film at 4, then giving my Baum and Macatawa presentation at 5.