Capclave Schedule

Capclave, the DC-area science fiction convention, is this coming weekend. My schedule:
Saturday 3:30: Reading (probably from book 2 of American Craftsmen)
Fri 3:30 pm: “Holy Shuftik!” he cried.
Fri 11 pm: The Appeal of King Arthur
Sat 10 am: The Charms of Dystopia
Sat 11 am: The Taxinomy of Fantasy
Sat 12 pm: Author Table
Sat 6 pm: Creating Religions for your Secondary World Fantasy
Sat. 7:30 pm: Mass Signing
Sat. 10:00 pm: When Magic is Outlawed…
Also, I’ll be presenting the WSFA Small Press Award and the BSFS Amateur Writer’s Contest Awards on Saturday evening.