Apocalyptic and Millennial Studies

I was a sometime apocalyptic/millennial scholar.

Premillennialist Christian Apocalyptic Fiction Paper

Anti-Apocalyptic Fiction Paper

Christian Apocalyptic Fiction Article for Strange Horizons

Anti-Apocalyptic Fiction Article for Strange Horizons

Hebrew Reprint of Anti-Apocalyptic Fiction Article

 You can also find my essay, “The Rapture, the Nerds, and the Singularity,” in Fictitious Force #2 or on my facebook page.                                  

Until 1999, I was a lawyer with a global firm.  But I said goodbye to all that and went on a millennial pilgrimage.  Late in ’99, I formed a tribute band to Guided by Voices.  We had our one and only club performance in 2000.  Until recently, I had a one-a-week jam night night here at my house.

The Millennial Pilgrimage