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Finished Book Two!

Today, I’m sending The Left-Hand Way, the second novel of the American Craftsmen, to my editor. Working on a second book has felt different: I’ve experienced a little stress due to heightened expectations (mine and others), but I’ve also had the satisfaction of meeting a creative and business demand. I’m looking forward to the next one.

My Capclave Schedule

My Capclave schedule this weekend:
Reading: Sat. 11:30AM (first public reading from American Craftsmen I think)
Signings: Sat. 2PM and the mass signing at 7:30PM
Presenting the WSFA Small Press Award: Sat 8:30PM
Panels, etc.: Fri. 5PM Prequels and Sequels
Sat. 12 Noon: “The World According to Howard” Interview of Howard Waldrop
Sun. 9AM (!): Agents and You
Sun. 3PM: Historical Alternates

Radio Interview

My prerecorded interview/reading with Jim Freund will be broadcast on WBAI’s Hour of the Wolf this coming Wednesday night/Thursday morning (July 4 at 1:30 AM ET). For NYC friends, that’s 99.5 FM, and for others, that’s The stream will be available on-demand for two weeks. A shortcut to those streams can be found at