Clarion and Strange Horizons Workshops

I’m afraid I didn’t keep a Clarion journal — too busy writing and critiquing stories.  But please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the workshop experience.
Our instructors in 2003 were:  Howard Waldrop, Richard Paul Russo, Nalo Hopkinson, Kelly Link (w/Gavin Grant), and Maureen McHugh and James Patrick Kelly as anchor team.  Scott Edelman was editor-in-residence.  An extraordinary and very supportive bunch.
My classmates were Ryan Butkus, Stephanie Dray, Cathy Morrison, Robert Canipe, Ben Kuo, Lancer Kind, Jonathan Laden, Joel Schnackenberg, Tammy Inman, Matthew Fitz, Jamie Kress, Kiel Phegley, Will McIntosh, Sean Melican, Doug Texter.  Below are links to some of their sites.  Cathy’s site is particularly good — a complete Clarion journal plus links to many of our Clarion classmates.

I attended a weekend-long workshop in Oregon organized by Strange Horizons.  In a nice editorial, Mary Anne Mohanraj describes the SH workshops of 2002 (look for me in the Oregon photo).

Though the workshop was for “intermediate writers” (two of whom were nominated for Hugos in 2004), I found it a helpful preparation for Clarion.  Strange Horizons continues to organize workshops on both coasts each summer — check out their website for details.

The Strange Horizons 2002 Workshop