My Capclave Schedule and Book Launch Party (Oct. 9-10)

This Saturday at 1PM, I’ll be throwing a book launch party for The Left-Hand Way and the paperback edition of American Craftsmen at the Capclave convention in Gaithersburg, MD this weekend. Joining forces will be Walter Hunt with the launch of his 1636: The Cardinal Virtues.

Also on my schedule:
Reading: Fri. 6PM
Panels: Fri. 4PM American Classics of the Fantastic
Sat. 4PM Linguistics in SF
Sat. 7PM Always 20 Years Away: The Singularity

I will not be at Capclave on Sunday.

This Weekend: My Baltimore Book Festival Schedule

I’ll be at the SFWA tent at the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend (9/25-9/27), particularly at the following times:
Friday 1-2PM: Reading (1 of 4 authors)
Friday 6-7PM: Magic Systems panel (moderator)
Saturday 5-6PM: Signing tables
Saturday 6-7PM: Meet the Authors social gathering
Sunday 4-5PM: Alt History panel
To find out more, go here:

My Worldcon Schedule–Now With Reading!

Here are some fixed space-time coordinates where you can find me during Worldcon:

I. Reading with Fran Wilde, Thurs. 8/20 10AM
II: Book Signing and Staffing the SFWA Table
I’ll be autographing at the SFWA Table on Sat. 8/22 from 4-5PM
I’ll be volunteering at the SFWA Table on Thurs. 8/20 and Fri.  8/21, from 2-3PM both days.
I’ll also be volunteering at the SFWA Table on Sat. 5-6PM (right after my signing, so I won’t be going anywhere).
III: SFWA Business Meeting.
I’ll be attending the SFWA business meeting on Sat. 8/22 from 1-3PM (though I may need a break in there somewhere–Saturday is a busy day).
IV. Worldcon Business Meeting
I’ll be attending the Worldcon business meeting on Thurs., Fri., Sat., from 10AM to 1PM (with a carve-out for my reading on Thurs.). My Sunday attendance is tentative.

Scheduled Appearances: August-October

Lots of appearances coming up for the release of The Left-Hand Way (Aug. 11):

Aug. 8 (Sat.): I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble at the Riverside Square Mall (Hackensack, NJ) to talk at a meeting of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County. Copies of LHW will be available.

Aug. 12 (Wed.): a virtual appearance–I’ll be the “Ask Me Anything” author for Reddit Fantasy.

Aug. 20-22 (Thurs. to Sat.): I’ll be at Worldcon, volunteering and signing books at the SFWA table in the dealers room.

Aug. 26 (Wed.) : I’ll be speaking at the Petworth Branch of the DC Library system (start time either 7 or 7:30), and I’ll have copies of LHW for sale. Drinks after at a location to be determined.

Sept. 25-27 (Fri. to Sun.): I’ll be at the SFWA tent of the Baltimore Book Festival.

Oct. 9-10 (Fri. & Sat.): I’ll be at Capclave, the DC-area SF convention. I expect to have a launch party there.

Oct. 24 (Sat.): DC Author Festival at MLK Branch of DC Public Library system.