This Weekend: My Baltimore Book Festival Schedule

I’ll be at the SFWA tent at the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend (9/25-9/27), particularly at the following times:
Friday 1-2PM: Reading (1 of 4 authors)
Friday 6-7PM: Magic Systems panel (moderator)
Saturday 5-6PM: Signing tables
Saturday 6-7PM: Meet the Authors social gathering
Sunday 4-5PM: Alt History panel
To find out more, go here:

My Worldcon Schedule–Now With Reading!

Here are some fixed space-time coordinates where you can find me during Worldcon:

I. Reading with Fran Wilde, Thurs. 8/20 10AM
II: Book Signing and Staffing the SFWA Table
I’ll be autographing at the SFWA Table on Sat. 8/22 from 4-5PM
I’ll be volunteering at the SFWA Table on Thurs. 8/20 and Fri.  8/21, from 2-3PM both days.
I’ll also be volunteering at the SFWA Table on Sat. 5-6PM (right after my signing, so I won’t be going anywhere).
III: SFWA Business Meeting.
I’ll be attending the SFWA business meeting on Sat. 8/22 from 1-3PM (though I may need a break in there somewhere–Saturday is a busy day).
IV. Worldcon Business Meeting
I’ll be attending the Worldcon business meeting on Thurs., Fri., Sat., from 10AM to 1PM (with a carve-out for my reading on Thurs.). My Sunday attendance is tentative.

Scheduled Appearances: August-October

Lots of appearances coming up for the release of The Left-Hand Way (Aug. 11):

Aug. 8 (Sat.): I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble at the Riverside Square Mall (Hackensack, NJ) to talk at a meeting of the Science Fiction Association of Bergen County. Copies of LHW will be available.

Aug. 12 (Wed.): a virtual appearance–I’ll be the “Ask Me Anything” author for Reddit Fantasy.

Aug. 20-22 (Thurs. to Sat.): I’ll be at Worldcon, volunteering and signing books at the SFWA table in the dealers room.

Aug. 26 (Wed.) : I’ll be speaking at the Petworth Branch of the DC Library system (start time either 7 or 7:30), and I’ll have copies of LHW for sale. Drinks after at a location to be determined.

Sept. 25-27 (Fri. to Sun.): I’ll be at the SFWA tent of the Baltimore Book Festival.

Oct. 9-10 (Fri. & Sat.): I’ll be at Capclave, the DC-area SF convention. I expect to have a launch party there.

Oct. 24 (Sat.): DC Author Festival at MLK Branch of DC Public Library system.

One year after the diagnosis

About one year ago, I was in New York for an NY Review of SF series reading and an Hour of the Wolf radio interview. I was also waiting for the results of a biopsy that I was pretty sure would show that I had cancer in the lymph nodes of my neck. My biggest uncertainty was the type of cancer. Still, there’s some difference between pretty sure and certain.

The day after the reading and before the interview, I was in a meeting with my agent when the call came in from my doctor. I got the diagnosis: a somewhat aggressive squamous cell cancer that had spread into my lymph nodes. I finished up the meeting as calmly but as rapidly as I could.

The internet is a wonderful tool, but in this instance the data was older and broader than my actual situation, and it convinced me that I’d received a sentence of imminent death.

That night, I did the radio interview. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a recording of it. During the interview, I acted happy about the recent release of my first book and life generally. I think my performance deserved an Oscar.

I took the early morning Amtrak home, and that day I began the series of doctor’s visits that resulted in my treatment.

Fortunately, the internet data prophesying my demise was exaggerated. I completed my treatment last fall, and my prognosis is excellent. I’m feeling good. But it’s been a very long year.